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Save the Children International is the world’s largest independent movement for children’s rights, with a network of 29 national organizations working in over 120 countries. THE MISSION of the organization is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. In 1993, Save the Children established its presence in Armenia. Since then the Armenian Representative Office has managed a range of relief and development programs in aid to the most vulnerable children and their families in the country. The vital health, education, child protection and social initiatives have helped improve basic conditions of the poorest populations through community-based projects and capacity building of local partners and institutions. By involving local NGOs in its programs Save the Children helps them grow and develop into powerful civil society organizations contributing to the well-being of vulnerable populations in Armenia. Since its establishment in Armenia, Save the Children has implemented more than 900 projects to the benefit of around 500 communities in Armenia. To know more about Save the Children please visit


The main goal of Activa International Foundation (AIF) is to reintegrate people with disabilities into the labor market. AIF guides and supports men and women who lack access to the labor market, due to their disability. The Foundation is especially active in the new member states of the European Union (EU) and countries that border the EU. Employment projects for people with disabilities were and are implemented in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Suriname, Turkey, Moldova and Armenia. AIF influences attitudes at the workplace, in organizations, and in schools to eliminate any form of discrimination. To know more about AIF please visit


The mission of Human Dignity and Peace Foundation (HDPF) is to promote dignity and peace of the population of Armenia through individual, family and community projects in economic, educational, health, scientific and cultural areas. The HDPF beneficiaries are people living in the rural areas, socially vulnerable persons, people uncompetitive in the labor market, particularly those with disabilities, children without parental care, and children left out of compulsory education, namely the ones with disabilities. HDP Foundation offers solutions to combat social and economic problems in Armenia by implementing programs for the above mentioned groups. While productively cooperating with international, national and local partners the organization avoids repetition of already existing initiatives but invests new approaches, solutions and tools which help successfully accomplish current projects in the relevant spheres and facilitate localization of advanced experience and its dissemination in the country. To know more about HDP Foundation please visit


Unison NGO for Support of People with Special Needs was established in 2002 as a non-profit organization with mission to protect the rights and legal interests of people with disabilities. Unison’s projects strive to raise the awareness of, and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities in Armenia. Unison works closely with international and local organizations, the mass media and State agencies to promote accessible environments, inclusive education, employment opportunities and cultural inclusion for people with disabilities, as well as to educate the community to accept people with disabilities as equal citizens and partners. To accomplish these goals Unison successfully incorporates both traditional and innovative methods, including a bi-annual Beauty Contest for women with disabilities, job fairs, public service announcements and training for teachers and students to promote inclusive education etc. Unison has created and maintains,, and several other websites. To know more about Unison please visit


Full Life (Liarzhek kyank) Charitable NGO’s mission is to advocate for people with disabilities and their empowerment in educational, legal, healthcare, social and many other areas and their utmost involvement through awareness raising, public policy improvements and providing information. The organization was established on July 17, 1998, on the very symbolic date, when according to the Bible, Noah’s Ark landed on the Mount Ararat gracing people with hope and an opportunity to start their life anew. NGO members believe that each person must have the opportunity to live a full life, just like any bird can feel the joy of hovering in the sky. The road traveled and the successes achieved are the most powerful evidence that nothing can prevent people with disabilities from active participation in public life. To know more about Full Life NGO please, visit

SESAThe State Employment Service Agency (SESA) is a separate subdivision of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues. The task of the agency is the implementation of the state policies on employment regulation. The agency carries out its activity within the framework of the RA law "On Employment of Population and Social Protection in case of Unemployment", the statutes of the agency and normative acts based on the law. The main goal of the agency is the implementation of state programs on employment regulation aimed at the creation of conditions for providing full and effective employment of the population.

The basic functions are as follows:
- Provision of consultation to and registration of jobseekers
- Support to jobseekers in job placement and assistance to employers in finding workers with relevant specialty and qualifications
- Implementation of local and republican employment programs
- Implementation of employment programs targeting the work placement of groups of people uncompetitive in the labor market, as well as
- Analysis and forecast of the labor market.
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